We all start somewhere, grow up somewhere. A place where we experience life’s firsts, make mistakes and grow wiser. For me that place was a small house in Carleton Square, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. My parents separated when I was young and my sister and I lived together in this house with my mom for a formidable part of my teens. It was in this house that I learned how to cook and do laundry, bought my first bike, hosted my first party and (unrelated to that particular party) had sex for the first time.

We have all long since moved out, but my mom still owns the house and now rents it out. She was in need of some updated photos for her rental ad, and asked her favourite (and only) photographer son to help out. Of course you can’t say no to your mom, but I also loved the opportunity to document a place where I had done so much learning and growing. The following are images of a place we once called home.