Sometimes, when searching for new stories to document and share, one must immerse themselves in the culture and experience things first hand….well at least that’s how it started when I bought a used, full-suspension, mountain bike and started riding downhill with the locals in Peru. As it turns out, I actually love this sport for a number of reasons; not only is it full of interesting thrill seeking characters, but here in Peru, mountain biking is surrounded (literally) by a rich cultural landscape.  An extensive network of ancient footpaths wind their way down from the Andean mountain tops, past ancient Quechuan ruins and even onto parts of the legendary Inca Trail itself. Here, not only are riders exposed to an adrenaline rush, but also to an ancient Inca culture that was heavily connected to the very landscape that is their modern downhill playground. The following is some quick and dirty GoPro footage from a run I took in Pachacamac. There is a project here I want to chase, some great stories and characters, I guess it’s just a question of if I can put the bike down long enough to shoot them and share them.